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Melanoma Monday is May 6th. I normally try not to dwell on the past, and instead strive to work on being positive and thankful for the future God saw fit to give me. Mind you, I said “try,” not always succeeding. This past month though has left me awake most nights. I don’t stay awake because I want to. I’m plenty tired. My mind goes back, and I find myself thinking about the “what ifs” and wondering if anything should have been done differently. I don’t think all of my choices were the best, but they brought me to this point. Part of me really appreciates the priority enhancing perspective this all has provided me with. I believe I wouldn’t have been as open in my relationships with those I care about the most if this hadn’t occurred. Perspective really is everything, I’m learning. One area that I struggle with after gaining this newfound perspective is trivial people and actions. I have absolutely no interest in people who play emotional games, who can’t be honest, or are negative. There’s no time for any of that. I’ve found that because of this struggle, some relationships are going by the wayside. Sometimes that includes family. I will not waste the precious time I’m given on trivial pursuits or emotional immaturity. So, my family and I will wear orange on Monday. Orange will be a reminder to each of us what could have been, and a perspective enhancing tool to help me/us continue to move forward. Maybe next month I’ll sleep better, but I’m thankful for the deprivation this month. My heart needed it. Thank you, God, for providing it. Thank you, family. Without my most treasured family, gained perspective would be directionless. To be clear, I don’t have any new melanoma. I’m simply reflecting on the previous diagnosis and what “could have” happened.

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  1. granny says:

    Bless. U ..GOD will take care of U. Because he loves all of U as we do also.Love granny &papaw.

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