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Happy 4 Months

This 4th month has been a month of HUGE change!  This month, we transitioned to me going back to work…  :)  My amazing, wonderful, sweet, helpful, hardworking, loving, funny mother came to take care of the little lady for one entire month.  Could not be more blessed!  At the beginning of your fourth month, we started with a baby dedication at church.  You had some visitors (see previous post here).  You have been using the bottle everyday for the past month for at least 3 to 4 bottles a day, as opposed to the few we did before.  It has been an adjustment for sure, but it has been a better adjustment that I would have thought.  I am still very sad everyday to be apart from you.  Many of my patients said that they were appreciative I returned, which was helpful.  It doesn’t quite make up for being away from you though.  Anyway…

This month, you have changed so much!  You laugh so much now!  We give you tons of kisses, which you must think are very funny, because you tend to crack up!  You went through a period of time where whenever you saw your Dad, you stuck out your tongue and smiled!  You smile every time you wake up in the morning, after you realize you’re awake.  You smile and squeal when you see me, your Dad, or your Grammy Faith. You can sustain tummy crunches while trying to sit up for a ridiculous amount of time.  You put your parents to shame with your athletic ability! ;)  You sit up well when we lightly support you.  You blow raspberries, and it seems to happen more when you are irritated that we are not moving fast enough.  You have for sure started teething, because you do little “camel spits” all over the place.  We are constantly amazed with you!  Poppy Bill came to visit, and we went for a day trip with the bottles in the car.  We also went to the museum for the first time!  You did a great job, and made it through almost all of the art exhibits, except for one.  You grab everything, and pull it toward you, including my plate at dinner time.  You grab the phone, and my face, and my hair.  You coo and babble all of the time, and tell us all about whatever you’re thinking. :)  You are using the /b/ and /m/ sound quite frequently, as well as MANY vowels and diphthongs. You play with your ears, nose, cheeks, tongue, and hair.  You are ticklish, which is fun.  You have been trying to roll over for some time, but keep getting stuck.  You love to be upside-down  and frequently try to put yourself in that position.  Because you like to move your head back and forth when  you sleep, you are losing hair on the back of your head.  I have a picture of you holding your own bottle by yourself for the first time.  You wanted to do it, and kept pushing my hands away so that you could hold it.  You suck your fingers and hand, and make a lot of noise (especially in church) doing so.  You now pinch with your little bitty fingers, as you are getting better fine motor control.  You also suck your thumb a few times.  You still love to stand and push up with your legs better than anything else.  Tummy time is no big deal now, and you are fine with it.  You currently love your octopus on your play mat, and the mirror.  Grammy Faith sings to you all of the time and you love it.  We met the people at your new daycare, but you haven’t started yet.  Everyday I come home, and you seem so much different to me than the day before.  No day is the same.  Not even close.  You like to be held now more than ever when you are sleepy, and I think it’s because of the transition with Mom going back to work.  When I get home, you give me lots of kisses on my face, arms, neck, and get very excited.  That makes me both incredibly happy and a little sad. I missed you too.  You love bath time still, and splash up a storm.  You like to sit up in the bathtub, and try to stand up too.

I don’t have your 4 month stats yet, as your appointment isn’t until next week.  I can’t wait to see the change in your growth.  Your Daddy and I love you so much, and are looking forward to next month!

Month 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 Lilla

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  1. Faith says:

    It has been exciting watching you little girl. So glad I can be here. I love how you touch your hair.

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